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> Good Article. Do we still have to buy Doug's new book? ;-)

I think so, unless I'm misreading this:

Despite the long run of economic growth in the

1990s, the economic chasm between the rich and

the rest of the nation that first opened up more

than 25 years ago has continued to grow.

Um, does this imply that there was no chasm between rich and poor before 1975?


The California Budget Project study

by economists Mary C. Daley and Heather N.

Royer reported that, despite the image of

California as the vanguard of a new information

economy reliant on brainpower, only three of the

15 job categories with the largest number of job

openings in recent years required a four-year

degree, and 10 out of the 15 paid less than $10 an


This ignores the fact that many computer programmers lack formal qualifications - of our 4 programmers, 2 lack any university qualification.

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