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Thu Oct 26 07:54:47 PDT 2000

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Christopher Susi wrote:
> paragraph this article had the balls to compare the base (just the base)
> compensation in 1999 with total (base + benefits) in 2000 and claim salaries
> went up 4%. When you compared the 1999 total (base + benefits) with the
> 2000 total (Base + benefits) the salary dropped 6.6 percent!

That's entirely possible. Depends on the certification, rather than professional category, whether it continues to be relevant, etc. Most information on this subject (the DoL salary survey, for example) is not sufficiently fine-grained as to refer to market sector and technology certification; they usually look at professional categories such as "programmer" and "systems analyst".

Very few software professional categories have significant increases on a year to year basis. "Hot" skills tend to take most of the gain; more tradesmanlike skills, such as network administration, tend to plateau low and early.

Read, Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage. Actually, that might be good reading for LBO-ers in general who are interested in the tech industry.


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