The Political Twilight Zone

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One of the most embarrassing moments in the history of Trotskyism was the position taken by on World War II by several of its international sects and their leaders that it was an imperialist war, just like World War I, and that one should not support the US, or Great Britain, or the Soviet Union against the Axis Nazi-Fascist powers. Those Trotskyists with the slightest sense of history and politics quickly change the topic of conversation when this matter comes up. Only the most sectarian, the most bizarre, the Spartiest Spart, wear such a position like a badge of honor. The notion that Europe was about to fall to Tito's partisans makes sense only in the political twilight zone of sectarian Trotskyism.

Heartfield's latest sally: << So what of the People's War? What really did happen? While Nazi Germany exhausted itself slaughtering Europe's partisans, the US and Britain, having hung back in Africa and Asia defending their colonial possessions. Only when Tito's Yugoslavs and Stalin's Red Army threatened to take Europe did the US push for a second front. Until that time their 'intervention' was pretty similar to the intervention in the Iran-Iraq war, where one US statesman took the view that it was better they wiped each other out. >>

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