it's heating up

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Oct 26 09:00:35 PDT 2000

This is a good question. One answer is that lots of voters are not registered Democrats, so you may no be able to reach them in primaries. A second is that by entering a primary, there is some obligation to abide by the results and support the winner, and the winner may be completely noxious from a programmatic standpoint. Having said that, I would like to see more left challenges in primaries.


>>Since we are on unanswered questions, I've continually raised the issue of
why leftists don't run serious candidates in Democratic primaries? If Nader had run in the primaries, he could have gotten serious progressive support and sent a far stronger message to the DLC.

-- Nathan Newman


Yeah, a leftist that didn't self-mutilate their stance on tough issues as the DNC transferred the $$ to their campaign, or do you think that cash still comes with no strings attached?


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