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Thu Oct 26 12:51:35 PDT 2000

The "third period" was a Comintern error, ordered by Stalin. _No_ CP was allowed to make that sort of decision by itself. The KPD carried it out with perhaps unnecessary enthusiasism, though. --jks

>Max Sawicky wrote:
> > My vote is the German CP in the 1920's, and their
> > 'after Hitler, us' posture.
>A Spanish professor at ISU used to come into my office and tell me what I,
>as a Marxist, had to think. I'd growl good-naturedly for awhile, but when
>got to telling me that I had to support a fascist takeover in America the
>conversation always ended at that point with a "Get the fuck out of my
>office, Gordon." :-)
>I actually don't know the exact history of the German CP in the '20s -- but
>even if they made this error (either on their own or at the Comintern's
>orders), it is worth pointing out that in the 20s no one at all had any
>just how bad Hitler would be.
> > Could one say that the most disastrous political decision in all of 20th
> > century u.s.a. was the decision of the CP in 1936 to support Roosevelt?
> >
> > Probably a bit exaggerated -- but worth a thought.
> >
> > Carrol
>Landon wasn't Hitler! He wasn't even Mussolini. And on the whole the New
>Deal (or what was really *new* about it) tended to stagnate or retreat (WPA
>became PWA) after 1936.

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