Dennis R Redmond dredmond at oregon.uoregon.edu
Fri Oct 27 12:02:32 PDT 2000

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Doug Henwood crossposted:

> Not One Vote!
> is to note, therefore, that this nascent leftist movement has
> virtually no support among African-Americans, Latinos or
> Asian-Americans. It has no support among organized feminist groups,
> organized gay rights groups or mainstream environmental groups. To
> top it all off, it has no support in the national union movement.

Yeah, kicking that evil narcotic, Dem-ocaine (better known by street names like "Deek", "DNC" and "Piece Dividend") is tough. Addicts have been known to lie, cheat, nay, even to turn on their fellow rads in desperate, doomed efforts to maintain fealty to our one-party-with-half-a-brain state, giving up their dignity, their political credibility, and, judging from the above quote, even the minimal ability to fact-check. But we must love the Eurosinner while hating the Eurocapitalist sin. I have faith that Brother Eric will throw off the Evil Spirit of Wall Street, step forwards into the 1084 x 768 virtual light, and knock on Heaven's door as a born-again Nader Raider. Hallelujah!

-- Dennis

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