Tom's new book

Tom Lehman TLehman at
Sat Oct 28 20:16:50 PDT 2000

Tom Frank's new book finally made out here to the boondocks' Borders and I picked up a copy of it this evening.

About 4 or 5 years ago I sent Tom a full color Sunday feature article about a steel industry executive affectionately known as the "Predator". I figured Tom and his cohorts at the Baffler would get a kick out of reading about the management philosophy of the "Predator" as told to the Lorain Morning Journal. Incidentally, the "Predator" is a product of the Gary-Chicago school of steel mill management.

The big news is the "Predator" quit the mill Friday afternoon around 1pm. This is a shock because the "Predator" was fairly well thought of here and in Gary and was considered X steel corporations man in this area.

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