FW: news about Maoist insurgency in Nepal

Mikalac Norman S NSSC MikalacNS at NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL
Mon Oct 30 05:49:58 PST 2000

maoist news from my father in law:

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Dear Norman, .... Now the situation of Nepal is little better after using the armies to fight with Maiosts. The Maiois are not killing the policemen due to the fear of the army. The army has given the S. L. R. (Self Loading Rifles) to the policemen to using on the fight with Maoists. But up to now the fight has not started between such kind of police and Maoists. The Maoists also has not started to fight with the army seriously but the otherday yesterday some firing was helf on the army pattrolling. But no loss has been there. Now there are 75 districts in Nepal. Amonng them the armies are used in 16 districts specially in the western Nepal. But on other districts also the activities of Maoists is spreading. In my native district (Terhathum district) no Maoist was before but before 3 days they cought fire in one police station but at that time all police personnel were on the pattrolling. It was the first action ;by them. So they are spreading day by day. My native district is in the far eastern Nepal. ....

Hari Bhakta.

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