infowar (was: some crap about gunz)

kelley kwalker2 at
Mon Oct 30 14:56:01 PST 2000

At 09:02 PM 10/30/00 +0000, you wrote:
>>From: kelley <kwalker2 at>
>>i know men who like the loud sound it [gunfire] makes. i know men who
>>like big fat
>>loud vehicles and especially going off road so they can see the dirt
>>fly. heck, there's one guy on another list that likes to blast off
>>concrete blocks and listen to them thud. chris susi knows more b/c he
>>mocked the guy!
>>i don't want to make this such an all-fired issue only to alienate folks
>>that just might be on our side, particularly when we fling about idiotic
>>stereotypes revealing just how much we loathe anyone who doesn't share our
>>effete cosmopolitan values.
>Hmm, seems to me you're doing fine on your own propagating stereotypes.

the "seriously tho..." should have indicated to you that i was joking about men being weird. the last one: you and woj fling about stereotypes that are unwarranted and time and again we've shown you how you are wrong.

i personally have other interests and i don't care one way or the other about guns. my discretionary income hasn't exactly been right up there for that kind of thing. but i DO care about left stereotypes of the poor and working class. i'm pretty consistent on that one.


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