following this debate, who you all voting for?

Mikalac Norman S NSSC MikalacNS at NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL
Tue Oct 31 08:51:40 PST 2000

i know that louis is voting for McReynolds, but what about the other listers: who you gonna vote for on the 7th? or will you stay home and cry in your beer, hoping that some day the masses will get wise and rise?

i think i'm going for Nader. most here agree that the Dems + Al and the Pubs + George don't show much progressivism. i say we need a broader spectrum of parties, candidates and ideas. (the internet is providing that, IMO.) even if Ralph eventually folds, the Dems might pick up some of his ideas as they have from other populists in US history. (OK, so they do a Right Turn from time to time to nullify the benefits. can't expect to win them all, right?)

the ludditism of the Greens and Ralph bother me, but i just tell myself that when progressive caveman/woman experimented with microbes to invent baked bread and brewed beer and was challenged by his/her peers for "upsetting the balance of nature", he/she just told them, "Get used to it!". same applies today, IMO: "Get used to it."


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