following this debate, who you all voting for?

kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Oct 31 10:18:07 PST 2000

joe noonan's dog, turkey -- if they have write ins. i care so much i haven't spent the time to find out.

if i can't, then it's most definitely bush b/c i agree with chuck, we should participate in the process of voting for dipwads we're going to throw rocks at. besides, DsR needs comedy material for her comedy act in Houston.

and, if i get a pang of feeling like i should care about at least one issue and determine a difference, i might just go with Gore coz i'm in florida and that stuff that Chip Berlet posted about giving the supercons a bone if they shit down and shut up and don't embarrass anyone this campaign pissed me off. that is, i'm not digging the idea that the bone is going to be abortion.

otherwise, if someone can convince me that gore ain't worth a vote b/c of the abortion issue and florida, then i'll vote for nader. it depends on a lot of things b/c this campaign has thoroughly pissed me off and i'm reading to smash some windows.

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