Geeks and Libertarianism (Geek Exceptionalism)

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In a message dated Fri, 22 Sep 2000 10:12:46 AM Eastern Libertarian socialists support socialism but not an authoritarian state of the Soviet sort. Examples: Pannekoek and Goerter, the "left wing communists" Lenin accused of infantile distorders; Rosa Luxemburg and the Spartakists; arguably Marx himself. --jks

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<< great tread to educate me on the differences btwn anarchism and libertarianism. let's see if i can summarize it correctly:

libertarianism: no authoritarian govt, authoritarian anything else, incl. business, is OK.

anarchism: no authoritarian anything.

however, in a Chomsky interview with on Red and Black Revolution, the interviewer classified him as a libertarian-socialist and Chomsky didn't object.

so what is a libertarian-socialist?

thanks for your help.


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