Bush the "Bafoon", or "no fool"?

Dennis dperrin13 at mediaone.net
Sun Aug 12 06:49:49 PDT 2001

Maria Gilmore wrote:

> Mark Crispin Miller's new book "The Bush Dyslexicon" explains his take on
> Bush as no idiot, either. Probably the most non-intellectual president
> ever; as a consequence, way out of his depth in many regards, and as a
> result of that, sometimes overwhelmed; and he obviously didn't knock
> out hitting the books at Yale and Harvard; but none of this means a lack
> intelligence per se, or a lack of purpose.

My wife recently went to her 20 year college reunion in Utah and hooked-up with an old roommate who is now the wife of a very wealthy Dell Computer exec. They live in Austin, TX and are good friends of the Bushes. My wife asked her if W. is as dumb as people make out. The woman smiled and nodded yes. She said she liked him as a person (apparently he's real fun in party situations) and added that W. probably didn't want to be prez, that he liked his life in Austin and doesn't like to be challenged. Apparently he's not that deep, but must go along with the family plan. My wife's old pal also said that she's played cards with Clarence Thomas, and that the SC Justice has a real coarse sense of humor. What a surprise, huh?


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