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[One of the delights of hosting a radio show is that you get listed in all kinds of publicity directories, and consequently get all kinds of wonderful press releases. Like this.]


The Book That Could Have Saved Gary Condit

Peoria, AZ -- August 24, 2001 -- /Xpress Press/ -- How to Manage your what? That's right, your DICK. How To Manage Your Destructive Impulses with the Cyber-Kinetic energy of the soul is one of the most unusual concepts you will ever encounter. It is also one of the most important. This is the book that might have saved Bill Clinton and Gary Condit from personal and political chaos.

Author and editor Sean Joseph O'Reilly presents ideas about energy, moral development, and sexual management that will revolutionize your life. Our society emphasizes concepts like time and resource management, but for the most part ignores one very important kind of management: DICK Management. An ecology of personal energy use that studies destructive, testosterone-driven impulses from the perspective of metaphysics and science, DICK Management is a new discipline that will teach you how to redirect your sexual energy and discover your more spiritually enlightened, dimensionally evolved self. This is an extraordinary new guide to the soul. It's about finding your own personal life ethic-not just saying "no" or suppressing your desires but rather about saying "yes" to something larger than the tunnel vision of the Cyclops in your pants.


Sean Joseph O'Reilly is an emerging leader in the rapidly evolving field of personal development, life improvement, spirituality and travel. An editor of many award winning books including The Road Within, Testosterone Planet, The Ultimate Journey: Inspiring Stories of Living and Dying and Pilgrimage: Adventures of the Spirit, he is a thought provoking and energetic professional speaker. He has a degree in Existential Phenomenology and is a former associate of New Age pioneer George Simon.

Availability: Arizona, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

Contact: [deleted]

Author: Sean Joseph O'Reilly Publication Date: September 2001 Price: $15.95, trade paperback, 6x9 ISBN: 1580083501; 336 pages, cartoons and diagrams Self-Help/New Age Toll free ordering: 1-800-841-2665 (press 1) http://www.dickmanagement.com


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