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Tue Aug 28 03:53:51 PDT 2001

But you can't beat Serious Sam's rocket-launcher for Major-General Mayhem (not to be confused with Quake's Subcommandante Shotgun or Half Life's Sargent Satchel-charge). I feverishly await downloadable skull models, enabling us to stirfry cyborg demons sporting the scanned-in face of our favorite corporate chieftain/neolib rentier with advanced particle-beam weaponry.

-- Dennis -----------

Now, that is all very well and good, Dennis, I am sure. But I am talking about good old fashion modernist reality here damnit all.

Consider the on-line technical service manual for the 7.62-mm SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle, where page one notes coyly:

1.1. Purpose of rifle

1.1.1. The 7. 62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle is a sniper's weapon and is designed to destroy various single targets, which may be collapsible, moving, open and screened (Fig. 1). The sniper optical sight is intended for precise aiming of the sniper rifle at various targets.

1.1.2. The sniper rifle uses rifle cartridges with ordinary, tracer and armour-piercing-incendiary bullets or rifle sniper cartridges. The fire is delivered in single shots....

It sports a 3800 meter kill range. That's nominally within the radius of how close I have ever been to a real, live, air breathing corporate chieftain/neolib rentier or his GS-18 apparatchik in ordinary day light.

But I tell myself Carl Alexandrovitch, not to worry. The Dragunov comes with, ``.... The optical sight permits to conduct night firing at infrared sources and under bad conditions of illumination, when it is difficult to fire at targets with the open sight. When observing the infrared sources, the rays radiated by the source pass through the sight objective and effect the screen, located in the focal plane of the objective lens. In place of acting the infrared rays luminescence appears on the screen. It results in a visible source image in the form of a round greenish spot...''

The greenish dot, permits to conduct destruction of various targets which may be collapsible, moving, open and screened in place of acting, Misha? Are you sure?

Now, Carl Alexandrovitch, you make joke with Misha?

Absolutely not.

Good then. We move on without fancy American comedy routine.

Okay then.

Okay. Now to shut mouth and listen. The whole base of Kalashinkov system, even very latest PKSMN with Stepanov mount and so on, have similar concept. These are built from the Mikhail Timofeevitch original idea of gas piston with double screw operating on delayed blowback principle. Use your famous American imagination and understand this is good solid worker idea.

And...why is that?

Any idiot can fix them!


Yes, yes. See this is basic communist genius. Mikhail Timofeevitch reasoned long ago, we have millions of fools in army, like everybody else. Right? What to do? Make complicated, lots of rules, western capitalist consumer thing? No! Exactly not. Carl, baby, I see, you can not follow explanation in place of picture:

Carl Alexandrovitch Grimkov

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