Covert Aid to Afghan Mujahdeen in the 80's

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg. 146, Larry P. Goodson, "Afghanistan's Endless War, " Univ. of Washington Press.

1980 $30 Million 1981 $35 M 1982 $$35-50 M 1983 $80 M 1984 $122 M 1985 $280 M 1986 $470-550M 1987 $600M 1988 $400M 1989 $400-550M

Citing NYT, Washington Post, Henry Bradsher, "Afghanistan and the Soviet Union, Duke Univ. Press, 1985.

Soviet and Chinese Aid...

Besides being one of the first regimes to recognize Pinochet after 9-11-73, along with the USG giving Savimbi lotsa weaponry, the PRC also gave arms to the anti-Soviet mujahadeen in the 80's through the ISI pipeline.
>From Larry P. Goodson, "Afghanistan's Endless War, " Univ. of
Washington Press, pg. 99. "The Soviet Union supplied $36-$48 billion (yes B!) to the communist Kabul regime from 1978 to the early 90's. Over the course of the war, the United States, Saudi Arabia and China supplied $6-12 billion to the mujahdeen..."

Pg. 142, Goodson again. "The Soviets took natural gas from the Shiberghan fields (for example 2.4 Billion cubic feet in 1986, 50% of Afghanistan's total export value) and supplied essential commodities (including wheat)along with arms, machinery and transportation equipment." The gas was "sold" at BELOW market rates to the fSU.

Pg. 57, Goodson. "In the early spring of 1979 war came to the cities of Afghanistan. In mid-March there was a general uprising in Herat. More than a hundred Soviets were hunted down in savage violence that killed 3-5 thousand. Revolts and uprisings in other major cities followed. In April Afghan Army units mutineed in Jalalabad, killing their Soviet advisors and refusing to fight the resistance. Many of these soldiers joined the mujahdeen... (Afghan Army strength from late '78 to early '79 declined from 80K to 30K.)

In April (1979) Afghan government forces with Soviet advisors massacred 1,170 men and boys of Kerala village in Kunar, near the Pakistan border."

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