RES: Question to Doug

Alexandre Fenelon afenelon at
Tue May 1 08:34:14 PDT 2001

>In the Third world we use US$2,00/day (poverty) and US$1,00/day (misery).
>Are those data adjusted for the dollar devaluation that occurs along
>time or are raw data?

I'm pretty sure these are PPP measures.

-Thank you for your your answers, but maybe I didn´t formulate well the Third -question. Althought this data for Third world is PPP, the purchase power -of the dollar itself devaluates each year. So, when I compare poverty levels -from 1990 to 1998, for instance, I should have two adjustements: 1st-For PPP in both 1990 and 1998 data 2nd-A conversion for 1998 to 1990 to make up for the dollar devaluation (corresponding to USA inflation?). Is it done? I´m wrong about necessity of those corrections?


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