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Subject: $3 a gallon gas?

The companies that make gas station price signs are reporting sales of signs

for $2 a gallon gas AND $3 a gallon gas..

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"It's sad to say, but true," said Stanis. Chevron's request is the "first

we've seen" of calls for a "three-point," or a number three followed by a

decimal point, which would form the front portion of the nation's

highest-ever gasoline prices.

Wagner Zip-Change Inc. and several other companies around the country report

brisk interest in signage to display $2-a-gallon fuel

"Today's pumps can handle a price of $9.99 a gallon before becoming

obsolete, said spokesman Van Negris. 'If gasoline goes to $10 a gallon,

there will be a revolution,' he joked, and he wasn't referring to potential

upheaval in the gas pump industry"

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