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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed May 2 08:29:33 PDT 2001

Max is correct. And the claim that "guys in bad shape" are still there is one of the more weird versions. Someone decided after consulting a ouiji board or communing with the ghost of Elvis that there were too few disabled prisoners, so the NV must be keeping those they had tortured. If anyone wants more information on this, I suggest you read Bruce Franklin's book. It may be one of the best books to emerge from the whole long struggle over Viet Nam. It was a classic the day it appeared.

I don't usually insist that others read this or that book -- there are too many good and essential books to even make a start on them in a lifetime, and if people were forbidden to hold an opinion until they had read X or Y we would all have to shut up and turn things over to the WB for good. But we are dealing here with a very specialized topic -- a conspiracy theory that has had a particularly malign effect on popular opinion in the U.S. Moreover, the press has been even more unified on this than it was in its support of the bombing in Yugoslavia. One account is no longer accessible unless you possess the paper copy of one issue of the local Newark paper. The article has disappeared from all other records. A confirmed account of the deliberate rewriting of history, not by the state, but by the "independent" press. Read about it in Franklin, who possesses the clipping in question. On this issue, the only source of intelligent commentary almost is Bruce's book. Read it!


Max Sawicky wrote:
> My own Washington sources tell me there are guys over
> there whom neither side has an interest in removing,
> because "they're not in good shape."
> mbs
> Conspiracy theories about US servicemen missing since the Vietnam war still
> abound, and there are numerous websites devoted to exchanging details about
> alleged sightings.

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