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Matt Cramer cramer at
Wed May 2 20:26:14 PDT 2001

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Chuck Grimes wrote:

> People who post to IMC should protect themselves and their identities
> in advance and not depend or force IMC to keep their identities
> anonymous. The burden of security should fall on those who post, not
> on the server that puts up those posts. If I were going to put out
> information that I knew was sensitive, I would make sure it couldn't
> be traced to me, or alternatively, I would be ready to take the rap
> for it.

Great advice. Technology provides much better security than good intentions or laws could ever deliver.

> The easiest way I can think of for posting, is to go to a
> printing service bureau or copy center in a big city (different
> neighborhood) and post from there---paying cash at the desk.

Or embrace the latest in cryptographic techniques:

There are equally good free products available, but unfortunately they aren't all quite yet free, if you factor in your time to understand them so that you can use them properly. "Freedom" from ZKS is good consumer privacy-ware.


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