PDS criticises SED formation

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Thu May 3 01:41:49 PDT 2001

Chris Burford wrote:

> At 30/04/01 11:31 +0200, Johannes wrote:
> >In respect to the apologies owed by the PDS to the West a joke is
> >circulating here:
> >
> >All those apologies are worthless unless the PDS does not apologize for
> >goal sored by Jürgen Sparwasser for the GDR in the 1974 soccer
> >world-championship against the FRG.
> >
> The joke suggests there is something historically ridiculous about the
> apology.

This is an aspect of it. Since I am sort of skeptical about all those 'historical' apologies, I like the joke.

But there are other aspects that are more important in my eyes: 1. It is always the 'East' that has to apologize to the 'West'. 2. The PDS will not reach their political aim ( a closer cooperation with the SPD ) unless it completetly sells out their soul.


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