MSOFT versus Open Source movement

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Thu May 3 22:30:34 PDT 2001

Kendall, for people like myself who lack technical skills and who need to use programs that only work under windows, what can we do?

If I could have something that could work some of my programs under Linux, I would love to do so.

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 12:14:55AM -0500, Kendall Clark wrote:
> >>>>> "chuck" == Chuck Grimes <cgrimes at> writes:
> chuck> ... No kidding? And, of course if you just want to fix one
> chuck> problem in one program, you can go to the correct source
> chuck> subdirectory, type `Make install <program-name>'---since
> chuck> Microsoft already follows the best attributes of the
> chuck> open-source model. But we already knew that, since, Microsoft
> chuck> does that, and of course more widely than generally
> chuck> realized...
> I cringe every time I see or hear a progressive -- who would never
> dream of eating factory-farmed meat, miss a WTO protest, or back away
> from supporting the liberation of women, people of color, and so on --
> blithely using Microsoft products, which has seemed to me a major
> no-no since well before Judge Jackson's ruling.
> Microsoft is *easier* (for some values of easy, anyway) to use than
> almost everything else (owing almost entirely to its ubiquity on new
> machines), but, geez, being a vegan, antiglobalization, antiracist,
> antisexist protester is *way* harder than learning to use Linux (or
> one of the BSDs). Those of us who've done both can attest to
> that. (And it's getting easier to use all the time; the latest Gnome
> desktop for Linux is rapidly approaching
> peopel--who-only-email-and-surf stage very rapidly.)
> It's simply one of the nastiest companies around -- growing positively
> Orwellian of late, from a heavy reliance on prison labor to the very
> recent, totally evil 'turn in people who request a quote for new
> computers delivered without an MS operating system' gambit -- and the
> degree to which progressive activists are reliant on its shitty
> software is bewildering and sad.
> Best,
> Kendall Clark
> PS-for-Chuck -- There's a new Linux distribution that's using the
> BSD-style port tree for system configuration and management; just
> another feather in the cap of the BSD crowd, the core of which seems
> to have a perpetual chip on its shoulder at what it takes to be the
> undeserving (relative) popularity of Linux -- which it has always
> considered, often in open, brittle hostility, to be as technically
> inferior to, say, FreeBSD as Windows is to Linux.

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