famous economist defends exploitation

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Fri May 4 16:15:23 PDT 2001

>"Charles Brown" <CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us>
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> > >Isn't the main job of economists to defend exploitation ,
> > coming up with a
> > >myriad of ways to rationalize it ?
> > >
> > >Charles
> >
> > Of course. There is a whole branch of Christian theology,
> > apologetics, that
> > is devoted to justifying good ol' God's depraved indifference
> > and/or
> > sadistically punitive behavior toward humankind. It's clear
> > how that
> > increasingly irrelevant intellectual exercise has been
> > retrofitted to meet
> > the needs of a secular society. Capitalist apologetics is
> > indeed the prime
> > preoccupation of the high priests of the marketplace,
> > economists.
> >
> > Carl
> >
>I agree that the thread title does have a certain flavour of
>"Famous Bear Shits in Woods", but the actual job of genuine
>economists is the high-level planning and discussion of the
>optimisation of the process of production ...

I'd say economists' actual job is to patiently, patronizingly explain why the "optimization of the process of production" requires the working stiff to be treated as a fungible unit and have his/her labor deskilled and turned into a commodity, while every CEO must be treated as an Utterly Unique and Gifted Individual requiring constant lavish praise and bribes to fulfill his (and very occasionally her) incredibly indispensable role.

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