MSOFT versus Open Source movement

Kelley Walker kelley at
Sun May 6 10:19:29 PDT 2001

ac wrote

><...> as much attention as linux has gotten over the last few years, this
>ignorance still persists.

attention that linux has gotten _among_ the computer literate community. really, ac, i don't think people who aren't on line a great deal or who don't read a great deal of lit in related fields would have a klew! why should they?
>well, as an aside, kel tells me i don't qualify as an anarchist, but the
>nice boys at the fbi took my copy of nt4.0 and i have suffered without
>since, so if you are really in a giving mood i will gladly send you my
>mail addie offlist!!!!

oooo! when did i make this pronouncement about anarchism, eh?

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