Bookchin vs. " lifestyle anarchism"

michael pugliese debsian at
Mon May 7 14:24:57 PDT 2001

Only had a few words left, btw, on that McVeigh post, before I reached the word limit on this webbox thingeroo!)

Re: Thoreau and Emerson> Has more recent scholarship built on Christian Socialist (and financial angel to Monthly Review before he committed suicide in the early days of the Cold War), F. O. Matthieson, "American Renaissance."??? The David Reynolds book on Emerson, Whitman and Thoreau? Leo Marx on pastorism and the machine age? Pomos and post-structualists?

On Bookchin, I think, two of his more recent books, published by Cassell Press, are great. "Rethinking Humanity, " is the one I finished, the other from the same publisher, is on my list. The one I read is a critique of pomo, specifically the "anti-humanist" ontolologies and such from Althusser, Foucault, Derrida. Heidegger comes in for a thrashing, too. (On Heidegger and Deep Ecology, see lefty philosopher, "Contesting Earth's Future, " by Michael Zimmerman, published by U.C. Press in the mid 90's.)

Michael Pugliese P.S. To kelley, just remembered a pan that Alan Wolfe gave to Bookchin, in The Nation book reviews, when he still wrote for them. His book, "The Ecology of Freedom, " scored for utopianism. Methinks, Wolfe was being a bit grouchy.

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