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Hi everybody,

This is the invitation and registration to participate in the People's Global Action Network conference in Amherst June 1-3. (Please send your registration fees with the application asap.) A group of people will be driving from Ithaca. You can let me know if you're interested in going.

For the Sharks involved, I'd like to suggest an agenda item at an upcoming meeting to discuss ideas for this conference and how we'd like to participate.

In solidarity,


Invitation to participate in the

Peoples Global Action

North American meeting

June 1st June 3rd 2001

Amherst, Massachusetts, u.s.a.

Peoples Global Action is an umbrella network of grassroots and peoples' organizations worldwide that are building local alternatives to neo-liberalist policies. Last September, PGA held an international meeting of continental convenors in Prague, Czech Republic. This meeting was held in conjunction with the protests against the IMF and World Bank meetings there, as part of the call that PGA put out for the Global Day of Action Against Capitalism on September 26. Convenors, representing peoples' grassroots movements around the world, met to discuss PGA's goals for the future. From that meeting came the call for a north american pga meetiing and a call for two sustained global actions: building a movement to stop Plan Colombia, and linking the struggles of people to reclaim our water and land rights

The suggested agenda for the North American meeting includes an overview of PGA ( why a global network?), discussion as to how and why to further build a network in north america, detailed analysis and dicussion of the the two sustained global actions, networking and brainstorming for concrete ideas for direct actions that support and further these global actions, how to further build the PGA network in North America, how to continue to build the network from the succesful FTAA protests, and planning for the Cochabamba meeting. Those organizations interested in having a voice on the organizing committee for the North American PGA meeting should contact by email pga-request at (please include only the word subscribe without quotes in body of the letter), or call 727-896-TBAG or email napga at

The next international PGA meeting will be in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in Sept 2001. 1, 2001 where participants will further define and develop strategies and tactics for the two sustained global actions, and discuss how to further continue to locally build, and globally link, positive resistance to capitalism. Prior to this meeting there will be a North American meeting called by the Tampa Bay Action Group, of Florida, USA and The Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal Quebec (Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes-CLAC)- the two temporary co-conveners for North America.

To register for the North American meeting and the Cochabamba meeting please see attached application form. For questions contact TBAG at 727-896-8224 or e-mail at napga at The organizing committee will use this list serve to communicate and to plan both meetings. If your organization is interested in attending or helping to organize the PGA meeting in North America or Cochabamba, Bolivia, please contact the list serve. Any group desiring to participate in the Cochabamba meeting must participate in the north american meeting. All groups participating in both the North American meeting and wanting to attend the meeting in Bolivia must agree to the PGA Hallmarks:

The hallmarks of Peoples Global Action are:

1. A rejection of neo-liberal politics and institutions, which promote socially and environmentally destructive globalization.

2. A rejection of all forms of oppression and exploitation such as patriarchy, white supremacy and imperialism

3. A confrontational attitude toward undemocratic organizations in which capital is the only real policy maker.

4. A call to nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience and the construction of local alternatives by local people as answers to the actions of governments and corporations.

5. An organizational philosophy based on decentralization, direct democracy and local autonomy.

For more info on Peoples Global Action go to

Current and former members of the PGA convenors' committee and conference hosts:

Seis Federaciones del Trópico: one of the most active resistance movement in Bolivia right now; they participated in the recent battle for water which reversed the privatization plans of the government. Will host the 3rd PGA conference

Movimento dos Trahalbadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) Brazil: the most important movement for land reform through direct action in the world.

Organizaciones Negras de Centroamerica (ONECA): Central American network of black communities; the secretariat is at the organization of the Garífunas of Honduras.

Central Sandinista de Trabajadores (CST) / Federación Nacional del Trabajo (FNT): the CST is part of the FNT, a major union federation.

Movimiento de la Juventud Kuna: the youth movement of the Kuna people of Panama, one of the first Latin American indigenous peoples to obtain self-governance.

Confederacion Unica Nacional de Afiliados al Seguro Social Campesino-Coordinadora Nacional Campesina: the main peasant movement in Ecuador strongly involved in the take-over of the Parliament in January 2000.

Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), Sri Lanka: members of the current PGA convenors' committee.

Aoteoroa Educators: The organization responsible for information and education within the Tino Rangatirotanga movement, a grassroots movement for Maori sovereignty made up countywide autonomous groups & tribals.

Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE): the backbone of indigenous organizing in Ecuador for decades.

Proceso de Comunidades Negras: the black communities' process of Colombia, have played a key role in the creation of the Afro-American network and in its involvement in international processes of coordinated resistance.

Confederación de Trabajadores de la Educación de la República Argentina (CTERA): the Argentinean teacher's union.

Comite de Mujeres Trabajadoras de El Salvador: union of female textile workers in the export-processing zones (maquilas) of El Salvador.

Karnataka State Farmers' Association (KRRS): the largest Indian peasant movement, known for actions such as the cremation of Monsanto fields, the dismantlement of a seed factory of Cargill and a KFC restaurant, etc.

National Alliance of Peoples' Movements: Indian platform of different movements from different backgrounds (anti-dam, fisherfolk, adivasis etc)

Peasant Movement of the Philippines (KMP): probably the largest movement of the country, organized large-scale protests against APEC, WTO and WB/IMF.

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP): members of the first PGA convenors' committee, one of the main movements in Africa.

Foundation for an Independent Aoteoroa: National organization for Maori self-determination, has done some spectacular actions against the on-going colonization of Aoteoroa and against foreign investors.

Krishok Federation: National peasant federation focusing on the problems of small and landless peasants and on the impact of imperialist globalization and the 'Green Revolution' technologies. They host in August the Asian PGA regional conference.

CUPW - Canadian Union of Postal Workers ex-convenors One of the most successful unions defending public service, they have mobilized and trained the rank and file to become a force opposing globalization in general and in solidarity with indigenous, immigrants and southern movements.

RTS Reclaim the Streets - ex-convenors. From the defense and reclaiming of public space (the now famous Street Parties) and radical ecology, RTS has sought broader alliances with Dockers and militant trades unions. A pillar of PGA, their initiative of June 18 (occupation of the City of London) was an inspiration for the current anti-globalisation movement.

Ya Basta - Convenors for Western Europe. One of the strongest links in the Zapatista support network, they are also very active in the struggle against NATO imperialism in the Balkans and for the rights of illegal immigrants and against GMOs. They have participated massively in the recent mobilizations against globalization in Prague and Nice.

Rainbow Warriors, acting convenors for Eastern Europe - a network of radical ecologists in the ex-USSR, who are among other things the main militant, street opposition to nuclear power in Ukraine and Russia and consequently operate under conditions of extreme repression.

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal Quebec (Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes-CLAC) current temporary co-convenors North America

Tampa Bay Action Group (TBAG) Florida, USA current temporary co-convenors North America

For more info on Peoples Global Action go to


The registration fee is $75US. Participants from international unions and NGO s that can afford to are being asked to pay a registration fee of $150 US minimum (more will be gladly accepted). This fee covers the accommodation (dorms or floor space in volunteer homes) June 1st and 2nd, and food during the whole period (June 1-3). The fee will remain the same for people who participate only in part of the meeting and who do not need housing. Please include check with application form unless asking for a scholarship. Please send this form (together with a one-page description of your organization or movement) and a check made out to Peoples Global Action (on bottom left side of check please write FOR PGANA MEETING REGISTRATION), and mail to PGANA meeting registration 313 West Haya St. , Tampa FL, USA 33603. You can e-mail the application to napga at

Registration will not be considered complete until application fee is received or scholarship is awarded.

For info, phone 727-896-TBAG (8224) or napga at .

My organization is interested in taking part in the north american Peoples Global Action meeting in Amherst MA June 1-3rd:


Please include a brief description (of approximately one page) of the objectives and field of action of your organization. This description is necessary for your application to be processed. If no organization affiliation please submit your participation in the movement.


Postal address: .......&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&......

Country: .................

Tel. .......&&&&&&&&&&...........

Fax: .......&&&&&&&&&&...........

Email: .....&&&&&&&&&&&......

Do you have comments or suggestions for the conference agenda?

What topic(s) would you suggest for the roundtables/workgroups?

Are you willing to participate actively in the preparation of one


If yes, on which topic(s)?

If your organization needs help with the travel expenses, the convenors' committee will consider whether it will be included in the list of organizations for whom donations will be solicited publicly, and in which level of priority with respect to other organizations. BUT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN, YOU SHOULD SEND YOUR APPLICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Can your organization assist in additional transportation costs for organizations with no money (poverty organizations, etc) also pay for (part of) a ticket for an organization?

If yes, please specify what donation you can make: ___________

Can you assist in translation at the meeting___ What language(s)?_______________________ Which days?____________

Can you assist in Spanish/English translation for the bus tour May 15 May 31? What days?_____________

What cities?__________________

Can you travel with the entire tour?_______________________

Are you willing to act as a facilitator? ____ Please briefly explain your experience______________________________


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