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Everyone's favorite paranoid, Winn Schwartau, has just released a new book authored with the assistance of Jennifer Granick, a lawyer who represents hackers. Granick has recently moved to Stanford Law School where she heads up the Center for Internet and Society. The book, Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids, is written for the technologically unsophisticated audience and it's conceived as a book that parents and teachers can use to raise issues of privacy, security, ethics and responsible behavior when using computers and surfing the Web.

As some of you know, I work for Winn, and I've subscribed to a few lists for teachers, some of them Computer Science teachers. Oiy! There are, from an admittedly unrepresentative sample, too many computer science teachers who don't have a clue. Scary!

Anyway, you can read the first few chapters at:

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PRESS RELEASE It's Time for Cyber Ethics 101

NEW YORK, NY-May 3, 2001- Winn Schwartau, award-winning author and Internet security expert announced today the national availability of his new book, "Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue)" [ISBN 0962870056 --available at>] In a new, highly acclaimed and critically reviewed book is not only designed to help teach kids about Cyber Ethics, but also to help parents and teachers understand the real-world problems that kids face on the Internet today.

Winn Schwartau had always thought about writing a book on Cyber Ethics. But, it was not until he discovered his own son hacking into a neighbor's computer that he decided the issue could no longer wait. The first book in Schwartau's new series dealing with Internet safety, "Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids" is a witty, colorful and extensively illustrated book written in an easy-to-understand, non-technical format. No other book has been specifically targeted at non-technical parents, teachers and kids who are in the greatest need of ethical education on issues they don't understand. <snip>

The full press release at:

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