Giant Squid

Dennis Robert Redmond dredmond at
Thu May 10 15:29:27 PDT 2001

On Thu, 10 May 2001 Archer.Todd at wrote:

> Dennis (I think) translated:

C'est moi.

> That's French. If it were Latin it should read "animal rationalis" since it
> is naming the subject of the verb "must."

Correction noted. Some of the Greek terms are jerry-rigged, I've got to find someone to double-check cases and tenses.

50% of the total text is finally done and in reasonably good shape, though, so I'm over the hump. *Ugh*. Thank the gods I'm doing this while unemployed. If I had a real job, the strain would be unbearable. Translating Adorno is like wrestling with flotillas of giant squid several klicks beneath the surface of the ocean, arms legs Latinate participles inkblots every which way.

-- Dennis

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