doctor disease

Ian Murray seamus2001 at
Thu May 10 16:43:30 PDT 2001

> Sounds like newage witchcraft.
> Of 2,338,100 deaths in 1998, only 93,200 are attributed to "accidents and
> adverse effects" of which 41,800 are motor vehicle accidents. The
> remaining 51,400 death include all other accidents (industrial, plane
> crashes, accidental gun shots, and I presume doctor's malpracrice).
> wojtek
========= "Over a million patients are injured in hospitals each year, and approximately 180,000 die annually as a result of these injuries. Therefore, the iatrogenic injury rate dwarfs the annual automobile accident mortality of 45,000 and accounts for more deaths than all other accidents combined." JAMA, July 5, 1995, 274:29-34.

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