The Star Fraction series - pertinent entertainment of a gloomy future?

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Fri May 11 00:31:19 PDT 2001

On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 08:31:41PM -0700, Brad DeLong wrote:
> Ah. Ken MacLeod. There's also one called _Cosmonaut Keep_, that I
> have not read. He's buddies with the excellent (but unbalanced) Iain
> M. Banks, whose science fiction universe--the Culture--is a
> socialist-libertarian-cornucopian anarchy...

I had the good fortune of meeting both Ken MacLeod and Iain Banks in Cambridge last year. Ken is, or at least used to be (haven't checked recently), a relatively frequent contributor to the alt.politics.socialism.trotsky newsgroup. His political background is Mandelite Trotskyism - he was a member of the British Mandelite organisation at some point in the past, and these days seems to be friendly with the broad Trotskyist re-evaluation / regroupment thinking centered in e.g. the journal What's Next? MacLeod is pretty open about his SF being a vehicle to explore different political philosophies.

Iain described Ken as being more leftwing than himself, so I guess that puts him somewhere a bit to the left of Labour (his non-SF books contain numerous quips at the expense of the Guardian, called the Grauniad as I recall).

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