McVeigh and Kerrey

Peter K. peterk at
Sat May 12 06:39:11 PDT 2001

>>>From Hitchens's -The Trial of Henry Kissinger_ (p. 41):
>>One reason that the United States command in Southeast Asia finally ceased
>>employing the crude and horrific tally of "body count" [the name of black
>>rapper Ice-T's back up band, by the way]
>wow hitchens doesn't miss a thing. he does have his finger on the
>pulse of america.

My mistake, I added the paranthesis, who knows why, and should have added "-pk" at the end but forgot. This is a good example of why you should never believe anything you read on these lists unless you verify it somewhere else.

Here's Hitchens's column on Kerrey and Vietnam, fresh at the Nation website.

Minority Report Leave No Child Behind? by Christiopher Hitchens May 28, 2001 I scanned all the cheap effusions that followed the Bob Kerrey disclosures, looking for just one mention of just one name. Ron Ridenhour. Ron was the GI who got wind of the My Lai massacre, followed up on what he'd heard, complained to the higher-ups and, when that didn't work, blew the whistle to the press (which took about a year to print anything). He was a friend of mine and by any known test an American hero. Except that there is a strong tendency in all cultures and all societies to hate people like Ron. By his simple and principled action, he destroyed all the excuses of those who say that war is hell and "whaddayagonnado." He was from Texas whiteboy stock and an uneducated draftee; call him a grunt--he wouldn't have minded. His example demolishes both those who say that only combat-hardened men can judge other veterans, and those who shiftily maintain that those who weren't actually there have no business making judgments. Ron wasn't at My Lai, but he'd seen quite enough to know that the rumors of what had happened were probably true, and he felt obliged to check them out, and to risk his own skin to do so. [clip]

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