my dh & unschooling pwogs

Kelley Walker kelley at
Sat May 12 16:59:55 PDT 2001

anyone know what the heck it means when someone says, "my dh" when-- i think--talking about their husband? eh? domestic husband? some context:

I had to sub to a few education lists to keep up with the field, gather announcements, and look for people who could participate in a focus-group research project for work. when looking around for them, I came across a few home-schooling lists. So, I subscribed out of curiosity and b/c i figured my research my take a comparative twist. One of these lists is darn busy! 200 mails a day, anyway.

Interestingly, it's populated by crunchy pwogs and they frequently refer to this movement as "unschooling". They are extremely disdainful of the religious/right home schoolers who they think have given their movement a bad rep. I realize that what they are calling unschooling emerged during the late 60s and 70s since I knew quite a few crunchies who home-schooled near Ithaca, NY. And, of course, the nontrad uni I attended was founded on unschooling principles--a critique of mainstream schooling.

anyway, an interesting split. I know we had a discussion about homeschooling and charter schools/vouchers a couple of years ago.

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