Ashcroft's prayer circle

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed May 16 13:14:08 PDT 2001

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Rob Schaap wrote:
> >He's a very slow reader then. When is he gonna get to Matthews 19 and 21
> >and all that camels and needles and tables in temples stuff?
> Lots of American Xians have never had a problem with that. Wealth is
> a sign you're chosen by God - one of the people pulling the wagon
> rather than riding in it, as the odious Phil Gramm once put it.

To give the devils (i.e., xtians) their due, the Needle's Eye was a particularly narrow gate in the wall of Jerusalem. Hence a camel _could_, albeit with difficulty, get through it. And de Ste Croix makes a pretty good case that the xtians were pretty reactionary and obnoxious from the very beginning.


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