Ashcroft's prayer circle

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed May 16 20:15:16 PDT 2001

Christopher Rhoades Dÿkema wrote:
> Christianity expresses a
> chronic, unresolved ambivalence about domination and submission.

This, like most psychological "explanations," simply won't do. It is just a disguised form of the Christian Myth of original sin. Where did that ambivalence come from?

I think Chip is right to object to this. As he points out, there are tremendous differences within Christianity. That is, two groups of people can cite nominally the same set of general principles and derive totally contradictory practices from them. Mao's question, "Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?" can be broadened to "Where do any kind of ideas come from?" and an answer to that in terms of human psychology is tautological -- and an empty tautology. People think that way because people think that way. Gee Whiz!


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