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kelley kelley at
Thu May 17 22:01:39 PDT 2001

Yo! ever really busy and you don't read all the posts, just your fave posters? well, i do. so, i see a post from leslie and i click on it to see what she has to say. but dang! leslie, i don't have a clue b/c you reply at the top. so, then i have to scroll down to find out who and what you're replying to. then, i have to go back up to the top of the message and read you. grrr. think of my poor carpal tunneled digits! and even if you don't, it's good netiquette to reply AFTER the text you're replying to. really!

love and smooches,


Leslie Lake Wrote:
>Which reminds me of an anecdote my stepfather told me at 84, the year he died
>(he was born in the 1910's): When he was a kid, he and some of his friends
>had come across some soapbox speaker talking about how the millionaires

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