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And among the stranger aspects of British neo-paganism is that one of the better books on the history of pre-christian religion in Europe is Nigel Pennick and Prudence Jones' A HISTORY OF PAGAN EUROPE. Very informative, and so forth, but then it comes out in favor of the neo-pagans. It's true that when they did start up a few decades ago, it probably was possible to find old rural people who were a continuous part of the pagan tradition. Historians have found active paganism in parts of France up to about 1914. See Weber's PEASANTS INTO FRENCHMEN among others. Probably the Wiccans were not purely fantasists. Christopher Rhoades Dÿkema

Michael Pugliese wrote:

> Daniel Davies>...Wicca dates back to around 1953, when a
> British civil servant decided to discover a whole load of
> previously unknown traditional rites, add a lot of sexual
> imagery to attract the nuttier fringes of the nudist movement,
> to pretend that it had anything to do with the Celts (a group
> also in pretty dubious historical standing), and then to invent
> the motto "An it hurt none, do as ye will", which as well as
> rather mangling its Middle English, fits in with the tribal
> morality of precisely no European pre-Christian society...
> Heh, yet another ersatz belief (supposedly pre-modern) system
> manufactured just decades ago! I'll have to tell one of my ex-boyfriends who
> was heavily into anarchist, neo-paganism
> (signed books from Starhawk, Margot Adler from NPR, lunar moon baying at the
> moon...) years ago. Now he is close to the Trot-feminists at the Freedom
> Socialist Party.
> >From one brand of lunarcy to another...
> Michael Pugliese
> (Gardner, Gerald B. (1884-1964)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> Gerald Brousseau Gardner, an English hereditary Witch and allegedly
> responsible for reviving Witchcraft in the modern Western world, was born in
> Blundellands, near Liverpool, England, on June 13, 1884. )...

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