Marijuana more dangerous that you thought!

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Sun May 20 23:56:14 PDT 2001

--- Michael Perelman <michael at> wrote: > If cigarettes were illegal, wouldn't a violent distribution emerge.
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Currently very, very easy to get your head kicked in by encroaching on someone else's patch for the distribution of smuggled baccy in any town in the UK. I don't know anyone who pays full taxed retail price for cigarettes any more; the distribution network appears to be unemployed ex-miners from the NorthEast of England who take vans across to Belgium. I've seen a few of them knocking seven bells out of some poor kid in a dispute over the distribution rights for a pub in North London. The sums of money involved mean that there aren't any guns involved however. I think that a cigarette distribution network would be *less* violent than crack cocaine, however, because cigarettes have a lower value density than crack. I also think that the low value density is intrinsic to the pharmacological properties of nicotine compared to cannabis, heroin, etc -- you need to transport a larger volume to provide someone with their daily consumption. For this reason, it's never going to be the kind of high-stakes product that's worth carrying an Uzi (and risking the concomitant jailtime) over.


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