identifying with the enemy

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Mon May 21 10:26:15 PDT 2001

At 08:46 AM 5/21/01 -0700, Brad DeLong wrote:
>>Katherine Newman (1989: 75-80) has argued that this propensity to
>>gravitate toward individualistic explanations can be attributed to the
>>ethos of meritocratic individualism...
>The book is called _Magic City_?

No, the overview I pasted in was from an article I wrote. It was late and I was careless and not in the mood for attaching my name onto something from an almost dead dept.! Well, at least the principle investigator on the project is vital and mainly affiliated with another dept. Sheesh! I am just a little bitter lately! :) The books I'd mentioned are _The Magic City_ by Greggory Pappas. Katherine Newman's book was called _Falling From Grace_. Sorry for the confusion.


"i also would like an academic job. i am not very good at much else, plus i don't like following others' orders (and don't do it very well) or getting up in the morning for a 9 to 5. the idea of not being able to get an academic job makes me a little nervous since this is exactly why i went into a grad program." --Sarah M. Pitcher, Syracuse University (quoted w/ permission)

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