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Re: "Bo" Gritz and the Left. A few weeks ago I sent to the list a speech by Gritz at "St. Maytag" (what some local wags call the Episcopal or Presbyterian Church on Geary Blvd. due to it's architecture) under the auspices of the Christic Institute.

A few yrs. after Gritz was in S.F. for that shindig, I was part of a group that organized a talk by Father Bill Davis of the Christics (on the CIA and drug running), in a Oakland Church. Larry Bensky and I asked some questions afterwards of the priest about the reliance in the Daniel Sheehan La Penca Bombing deposition on the "Secret Team" theories of Liberty Lobby/Spotlight figure, L. Fletcher Prouty. Got unsatisfying answers.

BTW, Sheehan, showed up recently at this press conference on UFO's at the National Press Club. Go to about 15 minutes before the end of the ram audio clip. -28k.ram Michael Pugliese P.S. A large part of the popular, conservative bestseller on POW/MIA's, "Kiss The Boys Goodbye, " is based on Perotian paranoia via Perot pal, Scott Barnes, and, alas lefty books like McCoy's on Heroin and the USG. The URL I sent with the U.S. Senate Committee on MIA's and POW's goes into the allegations in depth about Armitage. Armitage for other reasons (Iran-Contra and he is back in the State Dept. as a "son" of Colin Powell) is scum, but to believe he is part of a conspiracy that in league with the Vietnamese kept US soldiers all these years is just loony. z+San+Francisco+Christic&hl=en

Jensen-Stevenson, Monika and Stevenson, William. Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam. New York: Dutton (Penguin Books), 1990. 493 pages. Monika Jensen-Stevenson was a producer for CBS's "60 Minutes" in 1985, and her husband Bill was a former fighter pilot, war correspondent, and the author of military histories such as "A Man Called Intrepid" and "Ninety Minutes at Entebbe." This book begins with a segment she produced on Bobby Garwood, a Marine POW who was released by Vietnam in 1979. Efforts were made to discredit Garwood, because his testimony that other prisoners were still held captive was inconvenient for high government officials. Her segment aired despite attempts to stop it by gray men with shadowy connections. This only whetted her appetite, so she quit CBS and convinced Bill to help her write a book. They were confronted with missing files, snatched purses and briefcases, harassment designed to intimidate, threats from officials, and stories from scared insiders. Ross Perot, the Christic Institute, Bo Gritz, Scott Barnes, and others figure in this disturbing drama, and the reader is left with the spooky certainty that there's something going on here. The Stevensons are a conservative, well-connected Georgetown couple who socialized with Eric Severeid and Supreme Court justice William Brennan, and they had numerous intelligence contacts. If in the end they write of "zealots who fund murky foreign wars with deniable assets and disposable soldiers," and refer to the secret state as a "hidden monster," who among us can feel comfortable?

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