Hardt & Negri's *Empire*

GGordonLippy at aol.com GGordonLippy at aol.com
Mon May 21 23:55:18 PDT 2001

I don't get your question, Dennis. What do *you* think the European Union is? I'm assuming you're talking about what I used to know as the EEC? Isn't that actually a good example of the tendency toward Empire? Where does sovereignty reside in the European Union? What are the powers of the various states in relation to the Union? Are they facing problems similar to what I've described, ie companies suing governments for violating broader, non democratically constructed agreements? Doesn't economic unification in Europe reflect a kind of "no alternative" movement, more of the triumph of neo-liberalism and the end of History? Why are the few remaining countries outside the union fighting so bitterly to stay out? What about the coercive policies forcing austerity upon certain nations in order to join?

Maybe these are your points in the first place. I was looking at NAFTA and American cases on WTO because I'm basically an Americanist by concentration. Or maybe you're talking about something else altogether. In what sense is the European Union an agent of liberation? I would find some examples helpful.

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