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Tue May 22 17:13:23 PDT 2001

There was this New Yorker cartoon that caught one aspect of the SUV phenomenon: It showed a disgruntled middle aged male sitting next to his buddy in an SUV that towers above the rest of the traffic (but stalled in the middle of this traffic) and saying, "You think I would have gotten one of these if I knew they were going to come out with a $9 boner pill?"

Now Viagra has been around for a while and folks are still buying SUVs... I guess the application of Viagra still requires some intimacy...whereas SUVs....

I don't know. Again, if you take Robinson Crusoe as one of the founding capitalist myths, the SUV and everything it offers, subverts that myth: it's headed back to the island. It also always struck me that it is the post-holocaust vehicle of choice. There's this fantasy wrapped up in it that after the bombs go off, or the darkies riot, or whatever, you can pack your family in your SUV and head for the hills.

Joanna Bujes

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