parable of the talents

Joanna Sheldon cjs10 at
Wed May 23 05:42:01 PDT 2001

At 12:04 23-05-01, Michael Pollack wrote:

> > can anybody explain this? Was Matthew the first supply-sider?
>No, it's more of a "it takes money to make money" kind of idea.
>The short version explanation is: Them that have faith shall get
>paradise. Them that don't will get everlasting damnation. And they're
>worse of here to boot.

More like: Them as don't spread my divine message of goodness and love (the original talent) are not making that message do the work it's meant to do (generate more goodness and love), so they forfeit their claim to goodness and love. Looks like this economy runs itself, as long as people keep spending; if they stop, they're burdens on the system, and get the boot. Sounds familiar...

But I wonder who this god thinks the competition is, that he has to come down so hard on the guy who wastes his talents.

cheers, Joanna S.

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