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Marta Russell ap888 at lafn.org
Thu May 24 16:08:09 PDT 2001

The Ed Herman and Lyn Gerry rebuttal seems on the mark to me. Marc Cooper is in it just as much as Mark schubb marta

Democratic Ends wrote:
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> Thursday, May 24th -- Demonstrate 3:30-6:30 PM Outside KPFK 90.7 FM, 3729
> Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles
> Say NO to the banning, firings and censorship throughout Pacifica.
> Demand the resignation of the National Board and the return of democratic
> accountability now.
> FUND THE LAWSUITS: FreePacifica Legal Action Fund/Vanguard Foundation,
> c/o The Vanguard Public Foundation, 383 Rhode Island St., Suite 301, San
> Francisco, CA 94103
> www.boycottKPFK.org
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> (Transcripts of 5/22 show available upon request: lark2 at mindspring.com)
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> Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 09:48:51 -0700
> From: Tashia Hales <tashmail at earthlink.net>
> To: rumors at kpfk.org, imc-la at regenerationtv.com
> Subject: [imc-la] Clear the air
> List-Id: Independent Media Center, Los Angeles <imc-la.regenerationtv.net>
> Dear KPFK Staff,
> To say that I listen to KPFK is like saying I listen to my heart
> beating. There is no other way. I am disturbed by the postings that
> have become ever increasing on the IMC mail service, of which I am a
> member as well as an occasional journalist. At first I could not
> believe the horrible things being said about Pacifica Networks, so I
> challenged the whole IMC community to prove these accusations in a
> letter I posted last week. The response was both overwhelming and
> deeply touching. Every letter that I received showed me that the writer
> understood my pain because it was also their own, and explained to me
> their understanding of this crisis that Pacifica is undergoing.
> I was still skeptical.
> Then yesterday, Mark Cooper came on the radio and began cursing those
> protesters in no uncertain terms. He became so angry and mean spirited
> that I felt I was no longer listening to KPFK but possibly to some far
> right extremist radio that spews hate. I was shocked.
> This is a message to Mr. Mark Cooper: Remember that those who fear a
> corporate take-over of Pacifica are listeners to KPFK, and I would bet
> in past days, passionate supporters. Yesterday you misused your power
> and the trust that was given to you be the progressive community of Los
> Angeles to speak about them as though they were a lower form of life.
> You who knows the danger of dictators and demagogues first hand! I will
> never forget this. You have, in my mind, lost much of your credibility
> as a reporter. I am sorry for you.
> Sincerely,
> Sean Karlin,
> Los Angeles, Ca
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> A Letter to KPFK
> by Hieronymous D 3:31pm Wed May 23 '01 - posted at www.la.indymedia.org
> malkavai at aol.com
> I could only take so much crap. May you give them more of the same, until
> they understand.
> Dear KPFK --
> I have been genuinely conflicted about the boycott campaign. On the one
> hand, it has been very troubling to hear about the "Christmas Coup" at
> WBAI, the harassment of Amy Goodman (call it what you will), the
> composition of the National Board (corporate types who probably sit on a
> lot of boards), and more recently, the Congressional hearings on Pacifica
> and the pre-emption of current Democracy Now programs (and yes, we know the
> real deal -- the latest Democracy Now! programs are available on the Web,
> you know.) On the OTHER hand, I am concerned that a boycott will, as your
> refurbished website of apologetics claims, only encourage the Board to
> sell, or at least sell out some, to pay the bills. It's a real quandary for
> me.
> Listening to Marc Cooper's hostile diatribe yesterday, however, has
> soldified my position. You definitely won't get a dime from me this time
> around. When Marc calls my fifty dollars "lousy," I think he knows where he
> can stick it. And no, fifty bucks don't come easy to a lot of us, Marc.
> Calling my fifty bucks "lousy" is pretty bourgeois verbage for a
> "progressive" journalist. Perhaps Marc's true elitist colors are finally
> showing through.
> Marc's plaintive on-air freakout, and your website, fail to address the
> real issues, preferring to sidestep them by marring those who would
> question your judgement. The real issues are that Pacifica has repeatedly
> antagonized award-winning journalist Amy Goodman; has insinuated a desire
> to sell stations; has thwarted the traditional participatory role of Local
> Advisory Boards; has made the gross mistake of silencing a member of
> Congress on its airwaves; and now, has become the subject of a
> Congressional hearing and subsequent Washington Post article. Still got the
> blinders on?
> The people who are protesting Pacifica and boycotting the stations,
> contrary to your suggestions, care very deeply about Pacifica and want it
> to stay true to Lew Hill's vision. They are confused about what to do, but
> feel that they have to try a boycott, as nothing else seems to get the
> attention of Pacifica's current leadership. Peaceful protests get
> dissidents smeared as "violent," and when the dissidents try to express a
> contrary opinion through their comparatively limited means, we're told not
> to believe "rumors" flying around on the Web.
> You're starting to sound more and more like an unreliable witness.
> The real crisis at Pacifica is one of legitimacy. And so, I leave you with
> this thought, a lyric from a song that Eric Clapton once sang: "Before you
> accuse me, take a look at yourself." Really: do this. Don't make us do it
> for you.
> -- Derek Iversen www.alliancegreens.com
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> The pins & needles waiting for the Judge's rulings after the hearing on
> May 15th were removed today! At last week's hearing Judge Sabraw took
> matters under submission. Today he issued his rulings.
> 1) On Pacifica's demurrer (motion to dismiss) to our case -- Pacifica
> was overruled on all issues except a technicality -- The Judge wants ANOTHER
> letter from the Attorney General approving the complaint we filed. We
> anticipate no difficulty with that, as the AG's office has already said they
> would supply it if needed. The Judge also doesn't like our "quo warranto"
> legal theory, but as he pointed out, we can get all the legal remedies we
> seek without it, so that is of little consequence (although I liked it a
> lot, myself, and am disappointed).
> 2) On our motion for preliminary injunction prohibiting Pacifica from
> taking significant actions until the case is resolved -- the Judge said he
> will make a "Case Management Order" if the parties do not stipulate to some
> restrictions on Pacifica's actions. It looks like the Judge will require
> Pacifica to give 30 days notice to all parties before they do anything
> significant, so that we will have time to get to court to stop it, if
> necessary. We're very pleased -- we never would have gotten this without
> our motion, so this is a BIG victory. This should be a big help over the
> coming months, as Pacifica has been calling telephone conference board
> meetings on 48 hours notice, and without notice to all directors, and
> refusing to tell the minority "dissident" directors what they were voting on
> at the meetings!
> 3) The Judge Granted our motion to prohibit Pacifica from paying
> attorney's fees for its directors (unless they put up a bond to repay
> Pacifica if they lose). At the hearing last week Mr. Temchine (from
> director John Murdock's law firm -- Epstein Becker & Green) and Mr.
> Rapaport (from -- Pacifica's insurance defense law firm -- Wendel Rosen
> Black & Dean) "unintentionally" gave the judge the false impression that
> Epstein Becker & Green was being paid by Pacifica's insurance carrier. (The
> law permits and encourages insurance defense, but prohibits the corporation
> from using its own funds to defend its directors, without adequate security
> that they will repay the money if they lose the case.) When we clarified
> that for the judge today that Pacifica is paying Epstein Becker & Green the
> Judge was quite surprised! Anyway the directors will have to come up with a
> bond if they want Pacifica to pay for their legal defense.
> 4) However, the judge would not disqualify Epstein Becker & Green for
> conflicts of interests, saying the directors have the right to counsel of
> their choice. I was quite disappointed with that ruling.
> The trial date was set for January 7th.
> The 3 lawsuits -- LAB suit, Directors' suit, and our Listeners' suit
> were consolidated for trial.
> Carol Spooner
> Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
> (sponsors of the "Listeners' lawsuit")
> Web Page: http://home.pon.net/wildrose/remove.htm
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