doctor disease redux

Gordon Fitch gcf at
Fri May 25 07:53:17 PDT 2001

Christopher Rhoades Dÿkema:
> This sounds fishy:


> Gordon Fitch wrote:
> > Another case involved the
> > ten-year-old grandson of the building superintendant, who was
> > taken away from his parents in Harlem because they were busted
> > (for drugs, I believe, but it doesn't matter) and was sent to
> > Spofford.* Ever heard of Spofford?

Christopher Rhoades Dÿkema:
> I live in the same borough as Spofford Avenue. And Spofford is not foster care. You
> end up in Spofford's replacement (Spofford's actually closed) by getting arrested.
> You're talking about something else.

It's not closed any more; they reopened it; same building, different name. See the link I posted, of which the '*' is a residue.

Beats me how the boy wound up in the Spoff; maybe he was busted along with his parents, a ten-year-old drug kingpin armed with a green marker pen. Or are you saying one of us made the story up?

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