Phil Angelides

Gary Bramstedt gbfoto at
Sat May 26 09:20:44 PDT 2001

The only mention of California Treasurer Phil Angelides that I could find in my LBO messages was from a clipping posted by Doug in early 2000:

"California Treasurer Phil Angelides has taken to quoting the Greek philosopher Aristotle's admonition: "In the end, what holds a democracy together is the belief that everyone has a stake and everyone has a possibility of success."

Recently, Angelides made the SF Chronicle here on the Left Coast (back page) when he recommended that the private power plants be seized under eminent domain powers if prices continue to rise at the present “extortionary” (my word) pace.

(Over a month ago our lefty radio station KPFA out of Berkeley began stories about the “manufactured shortages”. It took the "liberal" Chron about a month to touch the issue.)


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