Small world - bumping into Bill

M.Blackmore mblackmore at
Sat May 26 16:06:00 PDT 2001

Well well well, its a small etc. Dropped into The Trout - a favoured pub here in Oxford, up in Wolvercote village, with my daughter (aged 4) and partner. Unusually busy. Found the queue for food out the door. On wandering along the terrace looking for a table found out why - who should be sitting at one of the tables but one William Jefferson Clinton. An unannounced visit, and the entourage seemed extensive.

The English being the English (mostly) were all around with friends and family - this being a glorious warm and sunny weekend day - and no-one said a word or intruded. I wonder if that would happen anywhere else?

On being informed that it was not going to be a realistic option to get her portion of chips at this pub my daughter piped up in that inimitable ego-puncturing manner that only a 4 year old can achieve, scornfully remarking "so what's a President and why's he so important anyway?".

I wonder if she was overheard ... ;->

Ah well. Who next I wonder? Chelsea's supposed to be coming up here next autumn. Somehow I don't get an image of the lass pedalling a pushbike up the Woodstock Road.

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