new Rage Against the Machine vocalist

Peter K. peterk at
Mon May 28 09:26:17 PDT 2001

>Dennis wrote:
>>Will Rage become the Van Halen of the 00's?
>I'm tempted to say, they should be so good, but that would be glib
>and less than totally accurate.

Or perhaps they'll be like Genesis with Phil Collins? Or rather Pink Floyd sans Syd Barrett?

Rage's guitarist, Tom Morello, has politics that are much, much better than LaRouche (see the Terry Tapp thread) who from what I've heard leads a cult that believes the British monarchy, Jews, and Communists are behind all the evil of the world. However, I heard Morello had some kind words for Peru's Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) because they were an enemy of U.S. Imperialism. Mine enemy's enemy is my friend, I guess is what he was getting at which is analogous to what some people say about the Serbs, something I don't understand.

Anyway, the kids loved Rage along with other nonpolitical bands like the Deftones. And these kids weren't/aren't just young men with raging testosterone. I'm sure some of their fans identified with their politics, but mostly not. In a conversation with Granville Barker, George Bernard Shaw once bragged that the comedy of his plays was the sugar that he employed to disguise the bitter socialist pill. How clever of the audience, replied Barker, to lick off the sugar and leave the bitter pill unswallowed.


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