"Happy Memorial Day, Mr. Kissinger"

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at tsoft.com
Mon May 28 18:36:38 PDT 2001

When the _U.S._ tries its living war criminals (Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Kissinger, Powell, Bush II, etc.) _then_ you can call it other than victor's justice. Carrol ------------------

You missed Reagan. Or are you letting him off for health reasons? I don't see why. He was never competent to stand trial, even back then. And, what about McNamera, Schultz, and Albright? The list is really pretty long, Carrol.

But I don't trust the French to figure out right from wrong, except maybe if they took taste in food, women, and art into consideration. Probably best to indict them on bad taste in the essentials of life. Kissinger might get off on technicalities but the others would be goners.

Chuck Grimes

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