patriarchy redux?

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Wed May 30 14:21:45 PDT 2001

At 02:53 PM 5/29/01 -0400, Doug Henwood wrote:
>Business Week- June 4, 2001
>Shotgun Weddings by Uncle Sam?
>Bush would use federal funds to promote two-parent homes It came as no
>surprise when U.S. Census data released on May 14 showed the nuclear
>family in decline. Still, the striking numbers--married couples with
>children make up less than one-fourth of households--set off alarms among
>conservatives who ascribe a host of societal ills to the demise of the
>two-parent family.

absolutely insane. this is how the numbers play out (approx). haven't looked at the numbers from the 2000 census, but i recall that the number of hetnuke families is done like 1% from 1990 census. wow. these idiots use HOUSEHOLD data. it only appears that the hetnuke fam is in decline b/c of the rising number of single ppl living alone. duh. this pisses me off whether the cons do it or feminists --feminists used to play with that number to claim the death of the hetnuke family. well, in 1990, 80% of all children were still living with their biological or adopted parents. hardly like that hetnuke family was in decline. the single parent family maybe MAYBE went up, what?, 1 or 2% if that, iirc.:

all HOUSEHOLDS hetnuke 1970 1995 40% 24%

married couple no kids 30% 30%

single parent fam 5% 7%

singles 17% 26%

relatives living togeth 6% 7%

nonfamily households 2% 5%

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