Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed May 30 13:02:07 PDT 2001

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

>But to be sure, the point I tried to make in my response to Kelley had to
>do with stereotypes, namely the liberal sterotype of 'victimization.' This
>means a bunch of hoodlums or loosers blaming anyone/anthing other than
>themselves for their own actions or failures. This pisses me off royally,
>partly because it was quite widely spread in my old country (blaming
>"communism" for anything from being an unpublished writer to a drug
>addict), and partly because it tends to be the 'received wisdom' of many
>liberals in this country. Call it perversive, but I derive a great
>pleasure from shitting on party lines and altars.

Ok, I'll call it perversive. I'm curious why poor and dark-skinned kids are more likely to choose to be "hoodlums and loosers" than nonpoor white kids. Kind of a Heritage-y notion of free choice, no?


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